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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 198

Wednesday, March 30, 2011. . .
            THE WRITING. . .Tweaking abounds. With numerous strands to tie together, there is much to fine tune as I close in on the final scenes. The rhythm becomes free flow/let the characters surprise/remind them what else is going on/tweak/free flow again.
            I vacillate – I want to see what happens to them, I don’t want to leave them. =)
            Some catching up with readers via emails. Also posted a discussion question  on Facebook about marriage, based on one of the issues that Desert Gift poses. The plan is to put something different out like that every week.
            Yikes! Going between the two stories is a memory challenge. Ha, ha, ha.
            Facebook link --
            THE DETAILS. . .Thomas Merton’s A Book of Hours arrived in the mail, a surprise from Son and Daughter-in-Law. Ohhh. It’s a beautiful book, and the writing is beyond description. It’s the kind that causes you to linger and stop often to listen. And I’ve only peeked inside.
            Mabel Annemarie Samuelson Carlson Kropp was born this day in 1900. She was my Swedish grandmother. I pause to remember her smile and optimism. She is still a source of inspiration.

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