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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 197

Tuesday, March 29, 2011. . .
            THE WRITING. . .After an extra-special three-day weekend, getting back into the story was like walking along a path in the woods overgrown with tall weeds. It took some doing to get to the clearing.  =) 
            The office felt too full, literally and figuratively (lots of pleasant energy from birthday emails and Facebook notes), so I left the room. I remember now that this often happens toward the end of a story: I need to leave the notes and the mess that have sustained me throughout, I need to get them out of my sight. It’s not time for cleaning them up yet though! I’ll still look at them, but for now I simply move.
            The weather was comfortable enough to sit outdoors, in partial sun for warmth (it’s spring; jeans and sweaters are still in effect for me) and partial shade in order to see the laptop screen.
            And then it flowed. My teenager surprised me. I hadn’t been sure how to show what was going on with her since she does not have her own POV scenes. She dialogued with another character and voila, she sprouted her wings.
            In yesterday’s post I forgot to mention that Jill, from Desert Gift, was “with” me in the desert. Her town is loosely based on Borrego Springs. My Guy and I ate a picnic lunch in the town square (which is actually a circle) where she sits in one scene. Too, too fun.
            THE DETAILS. . .Not much! =)

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