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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 176

Tuesday, March 8, 2011. . .
            THE WRITING. . .Whew. Finished the Worst Day of Protagonist’s Life scene. This is it. It will make her or break her. We shall see. Actually it will do both.  That’s why we have Worst Days.  =)
            I try not to look at page numbers, but I do. Although my smart editors say “write the story until it’s done,” I have not broken the habit of checking to see where I am page-wise and then wondering if I can fill up enough of them. At least I have broken the habit of counting the number of words each day.
            I still need to learn to trust the process. Stories take on a natural rhythm. The main character begins at Point A and arrives at Point C. Point B is the how, the details, more of a curvy line than a point.
            THE DETAILS. . .Fat Tuesday! In a symbolic gesture on this eve of the Lenten Season when “halleluiahs” are not spoken and we keep a sort of death watch with our souls and pray that false things will die within us, I mix my metaphors or something and embrace the old practice of eating comfort food.
            Pancakes are in order, but I’m wiped out from the emotions of the day and not interested in cooking. My Guy and I walk to a fast-food place and bring home gyros and onion rings. Mm. I eat most of the pita bread instead of just the sandwich insides. Mr. Moderate Eater lets me eat three-fourths of the bag of rings. 

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