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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 140

Monday, January 31, 2011. . .
THE WRITING. . . =)  The desk is a mess. Despite the orderly arrangement and convenience of .docx files, I need to see some notes on paper, actually on several papers all at once. Also there is something organic about the touch of paper and pencil and the act of moving a pencil across paper. It provides a connection.
A full writing day drains me of energy to work with my email change-of-address for readers. Some have been contacted, some not. It seems I can do only a small number at a time, else I am perceived as a spammer. Let me put it right here: if you would like to email me about anything whether or not you’ve read a book of mine, the address is
THE DETAILS. . .I have a heavy heart for a 25-year old friend, who is back in the hospital for respiratory treatments, a regular thing for her due to cystic fibrosis. She designed my website.  =)  Thank you for saying a prayer for Kristen and her family. 

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