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Friday, February 18, 2011

A Desk with a View

View from my desk

Story board with notes for SIDE ROADS #3, a gift from friends who like Levenger products as much as I do, to replace my original one lost in the fire.

Me on left and my Sister, 1956. Aren't we cute? The stories in SIDE ROADS SERIES all include a sister relationship. I keep this photo up to remind me of the bond I cherish with my sis.

Okay this is a biggie to share because it's very personal. These are the people I live with day in and day out. You'll meet them in SIDE ROADS #3 in 2012.

Reading Otter, a gift twice over from one of my brothers and sis-in-law. They gave me the original (lost in fire)             and this guy.

All-time favorite of the Grands, enjoying chocolate mousse.
If I need a smile...

A new paperweight, gift from a friend who brought it back from Taiwan.

Some of my newly organized reference books.

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