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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 149

Wednesday, February 9, 2011. . .
            THE WRITING. . .Finished the interview questions. Interesting how sometimes a question similar to one asked in the past now gets a different answer from me.  =)  It reminds me of what Steve Brown (a long-time favorite teacher out of Florida; everything I ever wanted to know about GRACE I learned from him) (by the way that is hyperbole) (a highlight was getting to shake his hand at a conference) …
Anyway, he wrote in one of his books something along the lines of hesitating to declare a thought because most likely five years or so down the road he would not agree with it or see things in the quite same way.
Ah, the danger in interviews and blogging. It’s there in print forever. It’s almost as bad as teaching your kids something when they’re growing up and then when they’re adults having to go back and say you’re sorry because it screwed them up.
If we are not growing then we are dead. So this is life.
I totally backed off at the end of the writing day and did not push my married couple into the dark space they needed to go. Ew. That will be edited.
It reminds me of killing off Vic in In a Heartbeat. In writing the sequel, I could not let a dog die. My editor was as happy as I was.
THE DETAILS. . .The line blurs here between writing and details. My Guy and I watched (recorded from Tuesday) a new NCIS. Nice script! Very creative. A stranger enters the story, she knows all about everyone. Viewers get to revisit the regulars’ pasts and gain insight into every one of them. Surprise ending (well, for me since I wasn’t trying to figure things out).

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