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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 34

Saturday, October 16, 2010. . .
THE WRITING. . .Began around 2 a.m. Awake, alert, mind replaying a scene written, seeing the next, grasping interior landscapes. It was a serious note-taking time that ran its course by 3:30.
DETAILS. . .Morning coffee and newspapers at the beach, a drizzly day. Movie afternoon, theater located down the street, a four-block walk. Red, for age 50+ viewers who know deep inside that they are still young and have something yet to offer. A fun escape time.
Picnic time, in the drizzle which tapered off for a bit. We tried a new spot, a grassy area at the harbor. Had time for sushi and reading before the drizzle started up again. (Drizzle for days on end is a major event for us.) We took the food home and put the picnic basket at the table; ate fried chicken [store bought], salami, roast beef, cheese, cut-up veggies, sourdough bread.
Reading tidbits:  My Guy reads novels on his Kindle which for me is quite an unsatisfactory reading experience. I crave pages to feel and smell. I’m still reading Cutting for Stone. Yes, I am slow. I like to savor each word. I like how this story transports me to another time, another place.

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