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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 23

Tuesday, October 5, 2010. . .One of those “lost in story” days. With the notes in place – the Hero’s Journey, the Index Cards, the Overview, the Characters’ Laundry Lists – plus the prologue and opening chapters written, it was a “kicking into gear” day. Not high gear for me. That usually comes later, during the last third of the book when every dangling thread gets tied up or cut.
The protagonist’s life began to unravel on page one. Now I take it apart, one support system at a time, forcing her to dig deep.
Conflict, conflict, conflict. How else can we learn?
Some follow-up talk about the cover. I can hardly wait to post it here. It’s a beautiful picture of a desert in full spring bloom.
I launched the blog this morning. I had scheduled myself to do it tonight, after fiction, but this thing is more fun than I imagined. I couldn’t wait. It’s a blend of both sides of that coin: it’s writing and it’s connecting with readers.
Even all the rigmarole on the site of creating an address, a title, a password, choosing colors and layout – details that make me cringe – were not that agonizing. Even copying my daily files one by one to create the posts went smoothly. And once it was put together, at least a first version, I was excited.
I have been itching to write nonfiction, not as in a book. More as in a blurb. Or is that blog? =) First responses tickle me. One friend thinks I’m tech savvy.
I think that whole business about feeling disconnected because fiction is life may lose its impact. God bless technology.
DETAILS. . .My Guy invited me to dinner, to a French restaurant, on a Tuesday night, where we’ve gone only for DIL’s birthday lunches in July. If we were dating I would guess he was going to propose. =) He’s always providing material for me.
The perks of being our age and empty-nested are all right.

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