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Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 17

Wednesday, September 29, 2010. . .Scrumptious day. Hours and hours. I left everyone hanging. I emailed into editors the overview and opening chapters. \O/
And then I sat as if in a stupor. What next? I stopped the writing day at the end of a chapter. Major no-no for me. Ack!
And I’ve skipped Vogler’s “Hero’s Journey.” I never skip Vogler’s “Hero’s Journey.” The overview/outline covers it somewhat but still. . .I guess I was eager. No, my “people” were eager.
            DETAILS. . .Walking on the pier is too much some days, like today. Too much as in a Thin Place too much, too close for a human who still lives on this earth.
            Biking with My Guy. First we swing by the library to return books due. Pat on the back. Three weeks ago I checked out three books:
A Susan Wiggs – the storyline and writing seemed similar to what I want to do, what I probably strive to do with not quite the edginess. I didn’t finish it. The 15-year old character bored me. She wasn’t boring, the writing wasn’t boring. It’s me. I enjoy writing about kids. I do not enjoy their reading from their point of view.
An Andrew Greeley – Chicago, of course. Fun mystery. Ecclesiastical stuff that I adore. But I did not finish it. As noted earlier, I craved chewy writing.
A bestseller, The Help – love the concept. But not in the mood for reading dialect.
And, as noted earlier, I bought a book recently. Cutting for Stone is chewy and wonderful.
Then we biked along the Strand, next to the beach, then over to the harbor, then to a restaurant where we ate often right after the fire (October 2007 wildfire). It’s near the hotel where we stayed at that time. Since moving to the area, we’ve come to know one of the waitresses. Familiarity in such a large city is comforting.

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