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Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 22

Monday, October 4, 2010. . .I finished the index cards of scenes and segues, organized them, put the first batch on my lovely Levenger story board (thank you again, Hadaceks, for the replacement), and finished Vogler’s “hero’s journey.” Ah, let the games begin. Tomorrow.
Have I addressed the two sides of the same coin yet? Writing is the coin. Creating story is tails. Relationships is heads. Work on the “relationships”  side includes keeping communications open via emails, phone calls, website, Facebook, workshops, teaching, conferences, conventions, and now blogging. It is as all-consuming as the creating side.
Without agent and agency, editors, publishers, booksellers, librarians, and readers, the coin is worthless. Without my relating to them on a regular basis, the work might just sit on my desk, a wonderful gift to my grandchildren which would not be a bad thing, but because I am already on this particular path, I best keep at it.
Long ago, in 1986 or ’87, my writing-for-publication teacher Irene stated over and over again until it was certain to root in her students’ memories: “Writing is a business.” I remember balking. Why can’t I just live in an ivory tower and spin tales?
I am not a good multi-tasker. Nor am I good at setting aside certain weekly or daily hours or days for this business side. What is the happy medium? Some fiction writers post the message, “I will not be online until such-and-such date,” days or weeks from now, and off they go, such happy campers. To a certain extent I suppose I do it this way. But then the catch-up time overwhelms me and I’d rather browse Lands End catalogs for sweaters and character faces than write an email or make a phone call.
All that to say that I made time for the flipside today and spoke with my agent and his assistant, both most wonderful encouragers who keep my commercial backside covered like angels in business attire.
And the publisher has emailed a cover for the book recently turned in. A cover. A cover. Designers have been busy creating for me, for just the right image that will woo readers to pick up the book, which of course they have to do before they can read it.  =)
DETAILS. . .Happy Feast of St. Francis and blessings on all God’s creatures.

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