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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 30

Tuesday, October 12, 2010. . .All three women – protagonist, her sister, her daughter – are now on the page. Today I listened to the rhythm of their relationships. The daughter is more savvy than I thought, even though that’s what the mother’s friend hinted at last week. Characters tell me what's coming and I don't catch it until later. The sister is in a totally different space than I imagined, a vulnerable space.
            Surprises are so fun.
            I had pre-programmed the sister one way. Then I found a photo (Northwest Territory catalogue) that fit her perfectly but really did not go along with my notes. I write the character sketches in pencil. Much erasing on hers today as she developed from the photo more than the notes.
            The trick is keeping the two women’s voices separate. They are clear in my head, two distinct women.
            By the way, if I remember correctly – not to mention the Lord willing and the creek don’t rise – this story will be published in Spring 2012. By then I will be living with other make-believe people. These folks will have largely faded from my imagination.
            DETAILS. . .Massage. Cleaners. Chicken quiche (a yummy old receipe). NCIS rerun. Cutting for Stone. The Chilean miners are being freed. Thanks be to God.

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