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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Days 256 – 259

Friday – Monday, May 27 – 30, 2011. . .
            THE WRITING. . .Delved once again into Christopher Vogler’s The Hero’s Journey, in my opinion the best (as in easy to follow) presentation of how to write a novel. Very helpful in preparation for teaching a workshop in June.
            THE DETAILS. . .My Guy and I began the holiday weekend Friday evening at the amphitheater down at the beach: the Marine Band played and then the movie Top Gun was shown. =)
The music was great and included a surprise ending: an F-16 flew over. Whoa! The movie is 25 years old and because it was filmed in San Diego – and most especially because the house scenes were filmed at a house still located across the street from that amphitheater – the community decided to celebrate. Very fun.
We actually saw one of the scenes filmed (the chase on the steep hill) with our kiddos when they were little; we just happened upon it 25 years ago. . .
Old friends (as in have known each other since before Top Gun was a movie) came over for dinner Saturday night.  Yummy new recipes: tabouli from one friend, a pesto from the other.
Monday we celebrated my birthday – yes again; it goes on and on and on. This was something I’ve long wanted to do. We took a photo caravan tour at the Safari Park (a.k.a. Wild Animal Park): 2 hours in the back of a pickup riding out in the fields where the giraffes and rhinos live. We fed acacia leaves to a giraffe. I kid you not. We really did. Amazing.

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