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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 246 – 247

Tuesday – Wednesday, May 17 – 18, 2011. . .
            THE WRITING. . .Spending much time (and technical effort! ack!) on marketing-related online stuff.  =)  It is such a delightful privilege to be able to connect with readers via the Net so readily and (somewhat) easily.  I still enjoy receiving handwritten notes in the real mailbox at the sidewalk, but of course this other enables many more of us to “meet.”  I love how many names are familiar to me.
            Became acquainted with Shelfari, a site where one can create a virtual bookshelf, fill it with “books” (covers are displayed) that one has read or wants to read, and add opinions.
Rather a cool place.  I would tell you more but I do not know more.  I signed up.  Added Desert Gift and Ransomed Dreams character names, themes, quotes.  Saw pics/icons of people who have these titles on their shelves.
            I arrived at it via  Does this help?  =)  It may show up under the “Book Extras” tab on the Amazon page that describes one book, how to order it, reviews, etc.
            THE DETAILS. . .You’d think I’ve been asleep for six months.  My catch-up to-do list grows longer even as I cross things off.  Yes, I needed a midweek break.
            My Guy and I saw There Be Dragons, a wonderful film that basically has been kept under wraps; I am surprised to see that it’s still playing at our local theater (which caters to those who enjoy animated and/or lots of violent furious action). 
It’s about Saint Josemaria Escriva who lived in Spain during the Civil War, had to escape (priests were being killed), and spent his life teaching about the sacred being everywhere, not just in a church setting. He taught about and epitomized forgiveness. He died in 1975 (so for us old folks this is fairly recent history). 

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