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Monday, May 9, 2011

Days 236 - 237

Saturday – Sunday, May 7 – 8, 2011. . .
            THE WRITING. . . OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It arrived in the mail!!!!  My first copy of Desert Gift.  Talk about bee-you-tee-ful.  Of course I’ve seen the cover image online and I’ve held the covered book in hand, the advanced reader copy with its extra words all over it and inside it.  But this!  Words escape me.  =)  This is it.  I can hardly wait for everyone to read it.
            This means it’s being shipped, it’s on its way to bookshelves across the country.
            Thanks be to God.
            THE DETAILS. . .I did not get the mail until late Saturday evening, so the above celebration was not for the entire weekend.  ;) 
            My Guy and I had a movie date, saw a French movie with subtitles, silly fun in a totally French way.  Then we bundled up (summer temps are gone again) and enjoyed a picnic (French bread and brie) at a grassy area above a cove where seals hang out.
            Happy Mother’s Day!  Phone conversations with Daughter and Son and my mom blessed me.  Hallmark Holidays are okay.  

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