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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 254

Wednesday, May 25, 2011. . .
            THE WRITING. . .Richard Rohr writes that he prays for one humiliation a day. Eww. Not there yet!  But the point is, if we’re paying attention, such a thing causes us to confront our false self, that ego that craves stroking.
            Book reviews can do both: stroke and humiliate. Two things I don’t seek, don’t truly on the deepest level need, but there they are if I read one.
            I read one by accident. Well, I got to it by accident (hunting down an interview I did about Desert Gift) and naturally the ego engaged my eyes and I read it. My response: ack! where do I go to write a review of the review?!?   I mean, come on!  =)
            I say I understand: my stories do not appeal to everyone. . .not everyone is going to “get it”. . .my writing is not great literature. . .a review is one person’s opinion. Fine. But still. . .ack!
            This came on the heels of reading several emails from readers who do “get it” and waxed eloquently about what specifically spoke to their hearts through the characters and how grateful they are to have received that touch. Sigh. This is why I write.
            Speaking of which, I caught up on emails sent to my AOL address, which I no longer use but is still out there as my main contact address. It takes a bit to inform everyone about the switch. One of those tech things that can drive me up the wall like when I get a couple dozen messages: mail returned, undeliverable, no such address, mailbox full.
            NEW ADDRESS:
            Speaking of reviews, I received a “tag” via Facebook that very positively discusses Desert Gift.  =)  Then I got comments to that tag that encouraged. I have to get in there to FB and figure out what/how a tag works.
            I dropped off books at the local library for one of their book clubs; members are reading different titles for their July meeting. Nice.
            Post office run, mailed more books to winners and an uncle in Mississippi who shares them.
            THE DETAILS. . .A bike ride.

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