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Monday, January 24, 2011

Days 131 - 132

Saturday – Sunday, January 22-23, 2011. . .
            THE WRITING. . .Oh dear. Five of my titles are going out of print. Sigh. This is sad but inevitable. With so many books in the world, there is not space to keep all of my non-classics going in order to capture new readers year after year so that the books might pay their way.            
            One of these (A Journey by Chance) was released in 2002; it has had a good run.
            But wouldn’t it be great if the shelf life were as long as it is for Crisco? =)
            THE DETAILS. . .It was a quiet, reading weekend. Just when I decided to lay aside The Lotus Eaters I was back in it. The history and characters intrigue me; the writing is beautiful – except for the jumps in points of view. To “be” inside each and every character’s head within one scene distances me from them and takes away so much of the fun of entering into a fictional life.
I was going to start a T. Jefferson Parker (local author) book (he has a series about a Los Angeles detective) but the super-duper B&N purchase of one of his titles turned out to be the one I’ve already read.
Ha, ha.

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  1. Sad that the books don't stay in print longer - they are so excellent! I'm so glad I have my copies which I will keep and treasure.