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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 114

Wednesday, January 5, 2011. . .
            THE WRITING. . .Not quite the same as “listening” to reader/reviewer voices is the aspect of writing so that the reader wants to read. A long-time favorite quote of mine: “I am constantly worried that the reader won’t keep reading, and I write every page with that in mind” (John Cain).
In other words, if I’m bored, my reader will most likely be bored. For the type of fiction I write – this is not for all fiction – it is imperative not to linger too long on description or within a character’s thought processes.
This approach also reflects the premise that every scene must move the plot forward. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t belong in the book. I’ve written plenty of these scenes (and I’m sure plenty exist in print!) and am no longer afraid to use the delete key. But sometimes I save them elsewhere; they always instruct me, they give me insight into the people, they give me details that I need but a reader does not.
All that to say I had to remind myself today not to dwell on getting the characters ready for their next big change but to simply plop them in it.
THE DETAILS. . .Mail from my Sister-in-Law (an aunt to my children) made me smile and sigh and giggle. She sent notes, drawings, and colorings made by our Daughter when she was in elementary school. SIL knows all such sweet mementoes were lost in the fire and so she gave us a bit of our past. Deep heartfelt gratitude. =)

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  1. What a wonderful gift to have received from your Sister-in-Law! God Bless her!