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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Days 107 - 111

Wednesday – Sunday, December 29, 2010 – January 2, 2011. . .
            Full days. . .
Gifts for our 37th wedding anniversary on the 29th included a blizzard and the arrival of Daughter and Son-in-Law; them on the interstate for 7 hours (instead of 2) with My Guy and Son; 17 inches of snow; a grateful time around the dinner table, cozy fire in the wood-burning stove, all 8 of us together.
Despite our delayed reunion and being snowed in for one day, we did our typical jam-packed time. . . “Christmas” on the 30th; games of Clue, chess; the Nancy Drew Movie (a new favorite of mine); sledding and snowball throwing; bowling; yummy food; bookstore visits; staying up until midnight on the 31st, Mountain Time, and banging pots and pans outdoors, Granddaughter tooting her trumpet.
Drive home on the 1st, back to cold rain and regular life with new treasures: two paintings, one each by the Grands; my very own DVD of A&E’s Pride and Prejudice; a John Donne book of poems; a poster of text messaging shorthand (research for the story).
And this all may be FMTYEWTK –Far More Than You Ever Wanted to Know.  =)

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