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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 212

Wednesday, April 13, 2011. . .
            THE WRITING. . .Love the ‘search and find and replace’ feature of Word. =)  I worked on incorporating notes jotted during recent weeks. They were tweaks, having to do with such things as name changes, timing issues, that legal technicality thread.  Paused some to rewrite, but not much.  Printed the whole thing out.
            In the old, old days, I began a writing session with pen and paper and then put it on the computer; it was weird to start directly on the computer and see my work displayed so glaringly on the monitor.
In the old days, I printed daily, needing the hard copy in hand, not trusting technology very much.  Now I email the new stuff to myself and sometimes back up on a flash drive.
In the nearer old days – as in two books ago – I worked in double space; today’s it’s single space.  Double space was a throwback to 20 years ago when we mailed two hard copies to editors who worked on them and needed the space.  
I’m feeling I’ve been around for a while.  =) 
THE DETAILS. . .Ahh, a morning walk on the pier.  I’ve missed them.  Finding some balance today (read: I did not do much at all after noon).  I finished my Shutterfly project:  a photo book of our weekend in Borrego Springs.
Still some dazedness going on.  It’s a sweet and odd space to be in.

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