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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 205

Wednesday, April 6, 2011. . .
            THE WRITING. . .Worked on Facebook author page – time to post a new topic for discussion. Not sure this is working to create interest. Questions I come up with are too heavy, too involved, too personal for a public forum. Maybe should rethink this.
            Writing of final scenes continues. By final I mean several that carry us to the conclusion; I’m sure there is a technical term for it that escapes me at the moment. They are a series of short chapters because there is much going on and I want to see these events from both the Protagonist’s and her husband’s points of view. Also, because I do not want to introduce the daughter’s POV at this time, I want to see as much as possible what she is doing behind their backs (which means it is done behind the backs of us readers).
            Which all reminds me of my stickler’s attitude toward POV for the type of writing that I do: tell the story from within one character’s seeing and only one's at a time; change chapters when it’s time to enter another person’s head. Plain and simple. It requires tighter, stronger writing. It invites the reader to connect more personally and emotionally with the characters.
            Any other way cheats the reader, in my opinion. Some readers don’t mind. I do. And so I write this way. It’s not a “right” or “wrong” thing for this non-literary fiction, it’s a preference.
            THE DETAILS. . .Bike ride with My Guy. 


  1. I really do love this about your novels, the way in which you are in a character's head and then in another character's head in a different chapter. The chapter changes really work for me, both my maintaining interest in all the characters, but also in seeing the whole picture (it's just more in-depth that way). Keep it up; you're a wonderful author!