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Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 66

Thursday, November 18, 2010. . .
THE WRITING. . .Ack. Didn’t happen. Real-life anticipation got in the way.
THE DETAILS. . .Grocery/otherwise shopping and straightening/ordering the house. The kiddos are coming!!! Four of the six anyway. I always count the two in-laws and of course the two grand-girls which gives me a total of six, which is the number I imagined at one time that I wanted of my own. Can’t recall when that was. I wasn’t sure I wanted to even get married until I was all of 17 and went on my first date with My Guy.  =)
            I dressed up; that’s what we did back then in 1968. I doubt he wore jeans. We went to see a movie, The Odd Couple, and then to eat at Howard Johnsons. He had fried clams, I had a salad because I was too nervous/excited to really eat like I usually did. And I met his parents and younger brother who happened to be there eating also! Weird.
            Reading the blog of my Go-to Spanish Language Lady ( ) and watching her and her husband in action, I think it was for the best that I am mamaofoneboyandonegirl.  =) Whew. 

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  1. God knows the right number of kids for each of us, that's for sure! Enjoy your soon-to-be-arriving 6. :-)