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Thursday, June 23, 2011

In between times

THE WRITING. . .My editor works on Heart Echoes and will email it soon for my input to her input, which will be my FINAL tweaking. It's comforting to know the work is in good hands, that it is not mine alone, that wonderful women have my back.  =)
I write this from Davenport, Iowa, where I am sharing with others in a workshop how I go about writing a novel.  I'm smushing these past 240+ days into three sessions, trying to make sense for them of an insensible process that I've been following, more or less, since 1996.
I adore connecting with other fiction writers.

THE DETAILS. . .Kids in town. . .Belated birthday celebration with us all together, brunch at home and an unbelievable gift from them and My Guy -- a book of photos from throughout the years and essays by each one, even the little girls, tributes that still have me speechless  . . .Packing. . .Traveling. . .
San Diego Old Town, with youngest Grand, Son, Daughter, and My Guy.

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