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Monday, June 27, 2011

Day Whatever

Monday, June 27, 2011
THE WRITING. . .My lovely wise editor has emailed the manuscript back to me with suggestions and corrections.  :)  For me this is the final leg of the journey. On one hand I am itching to get at it, on the other I know it's not possible to fit it in just yet. Those DETAILS of life crowd the day and energy.
THE DETAILS. . .Writing from Moline, Illinois. . .it's green, humid, overcast, fragrant, and green.  Very, very green. =) Those birds I've been missing in California sing me awake here, their summer home. A noisy cardinal joins in later in the day.
My eyes feast on and I drink in the scent of The Sycamore Tree in my childhood backyard. It's huge now, absolutely enormous, probably as old as I am. It was already a good size when we moved in 52 years ago. Mom still rakes the giant leaves and picks up the sticks the rainstorm winds knock from it.

Yesterday's highlight...

Aren't these ladies beautiful?  =)  And yes, I was this close to them.  Snort, snort.

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