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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Days 264 - 267

Saturday – Tuesday, June 4 – 7, 2011. . .
            THE WRITING. . .Online writer friend posted an interview she did with me and her review of Desert Gift (very nice, very well-done) on her website. Thanks, DP! 
            Totally absorbed in the workshop plans. Used up all writing-related energy; blog has gone by the wayside.  =)  Tied everything together on Tuesday. Yay.
            THE DETAILS. . .Yay because it’s summertime and the kiddos are coming soon, all six of them! Not all at the same time, but they’ll intersect at some point. Much to do, like shovel out my office (didn’t I just do this after turning in Heart Echoes??) and revert it to a guest room.
My Guy and I caught a terrifically fun movie, Midnight in Paris. It was so creative, so imaginative, I can’t begin to describe it. Of course I adored the topics of writers and Paris. 

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