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Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 80

Thursday, December 2, 2010. . .
            It seems that much of my life is annually crammed into December. This probably explains why The Writing is so often a scattered affair.
Besides the usual Holy-day Season, there is My Guy’s birthday and our anniversary. The list has grown:
Thirty-three years ago our firstborn was due (he waited until January to appear). Twenty-nine years ago we learned our second was in the womb. Ten years ago we learned we were going to be grandparents. Six years ago our youngest granddaughter was born on Christmas Eve. We have moved at least twice during this month. One nephew was born. So much happiness is hard to hold.
Two years ago this Sunday, one nephew passed away after a long struggle with cancer. This sucks the breath from me.
THE DETAILS. . .I got a haircut, bought Christmas-y stamps. I like old religious artwork, so went with the Virgin and Child. I printed the Christmas letter; printed, stuffed, and stamped envelopes. Not quite finished but still, yay.
Because business beckons My Guy east and because Daughter and Son-in-Law are in the throes of moving (moving in December is beginning to sound like a tradition) and because I am a mom, I am traveling again. Already. And with a grateful heart for the ability to do so and for a son-in-law who says “welcome.”

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